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NameDegreeGroupNationalityProject Title
S. MhlangaPhDALICEZimbabweHeavy flavour production as a function of charged-particle multiplicity in pp, pPb and PbPb collisions in ALICE at the LHC
S. MurrayPhDALICESAThe Trigger Optimization of the HLT on ALICE
A. WhiteheadPhDALICESADirect Photon Measurement in ALICE
A SzostakPhDALICESAHigh Level Trigger
N. BoylesMSc EngALICESADevelopment of the Tier 3 high performance cluster / programming the MID CRU
F NininahazweMSc EngALICESAProgramming data stream from the Muon Identifier (MID) CRU FPGA
C MonteverdiMScALICESAMeasurement of leptons from heavy-quark decays at forward rapidity in ALICE
S AhmedMScALICESudanMeasurement of photons and neutral mesons in p-Pb collisions
R. AtkinsMScATLASSAA characterisation of the high rapidity modules to be installed during the Phase 2 tracking upgrade at the ATLAS experiment
K N BarendsMScATLASSAMeasurement of the top quark mass
C. MwewaPhDATLASZambiaMeasurement of the ssWW Cross Section at 13 TeV
Matthew LeighMScATLASSAImplementation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Reconstruction of the Missing Transverse Energy in Proton-Proton Collisions with the ATLAS Detector
Xola MapekulaM. Phil. Electrical Eng.ATLASSASearch for a heavier Higgs like boson and a dark force boson - Focussing on statistics and computing aspects
P. NtsoelePhD Mech Eng.ATLASSASearch for the Higgs boson decaying to 4 leptons through new gauge bosons
H du PlessisPhD Electrical Eng.ATLASSAOrchestration and Optimisation of the TDAQ HLT Farm at the ATLAS Experiment
D BoyePhDATLASSenegalThe Search for the Dark Vector Boson via the Higgs Portal
A FadolMScATLASSudanSearch for new physics in final states with two photons
J E MdhluliPhDATLASSARadiation studies for the Tile Calorimeter
Shell-may Fikile LiaoPhDATLASSwazilandSearch for new bosons in the di-photon final state
D Ohene-KwofiePhDATLASGhanaHigh performance and throughput computing
S von BuddenbrockPhDATLAS (50%) / TH (50%)SAPhenomenology and search for new bosons in multiple final states
T MolupeMScATLASSASearching for new physics signatures at the LHC at a final state containing a Z and a Higgs boson, and significant missing energy
C PelwanMScATLASSAA study of radiation damage in plastic scintillators using electron paramagnetic resonance at the ATLAS detector
K TomiwaMScATLASNigeriaThe readout electronics of the BM@N and ATLAS Tilecal experiments and the search of new scalar boson with ATLAS detector
R van RensburgMScATLASSALow consumption RF
H TlouMScATLASSATaks in maintenance of the Tile Calorimeter
Nthabiseng Miranda LekalakalaMScATLASSAImprovements to the readout system of the Tile Calorimeter of the ATLAS detector
Karabo C Mdluli  MScATLASSASearch for a di-photon resonance in association with missing energy with the ATLAS detector
Mzwandile ThabedeMScATLASSASearch for a four lepton resonance in association with jets with the ATLAS detector
Fortune N MhlangaMScATLASSAStudies of boosted systems in the top sector with the ATLAS detector
Lehumo Mashishi  MScATLASSASearch for anomalous 4W production with the ATLAS detector
Ntshoko Puti  RapheehaMScATLASSASearch for Zy resonances with the ATLAS detector
Thabo Masuku  MScATLASSATasks in maintenance and operations of the Tile Calorimeter of the ATLAS detector
Jeremiah MonnakgotlaMScATLASSASearch for anomalous Z+l+b-jets production
Lebohang MokoenaMScATLASSASearch for anomalous Z+l+b-jets production
Onesimo MtinsilanaMScATLASSASearch for a four lepton resonance in association with jets with the ATLAS detector
Nkateko BaloyiMScATLASSAMachine learning techniques in boosted systems with the ATLAS detector
Audrey T MagabeMScATLASSAMachine learning techniques in boosted systems with the ATLAS detector
Rorisang SitoboliMScATLASZimbabweMesh communication and applications in High Energy Physics
E ShrifPhDATLASSearch for new bosons in the di-photon final state
Kokotla RepetsoaMScATLASSAApplications of machine learning in the search for new resonances with the ATLAS detector
Theodore GaelejwePhDATLASApplications of machine learning in the search for new resonances with the ATLAS detector
Elie RajaobelinaPhDATLASPhenomenology and search for new bosons in ZZ à 4l final states
ME ThabedeMScATLASSASearch for a four lepton resonance in association with jets
Lawrance DavouPhDATLASImproving electron identification efficiency in the context of boosted heavy neutrino search
Dimbiniaina RafanoharanaMScATLASUnderlying event and colour reconnection in ttbar events
G M MkhizeMScATLASSAA search for resonance in lepton+jets events wiuth the ATLAS detector
S R ZuluMScATLASSAMeasurement of jets charge in dijet events with the ATLAS detector
E M MontesMScISOLDESpainGamma-gamma coincidence measurements in the rare-earth region
K AbrahamsPhDISOLDESASolving shape conundrum in stable and exotic nuclei
C. MehlPhDISOLDESASolving shape conundrum in70Se
S MasangoMANUSISOLDESALow-energy Coulomb excitation studies of light nuclei
C. NgwetsheniMANUSISOLDESAPolarizability effects due to the low-energy enhancement in the photon strength function
E AkakpoMANUSISOLDEGhanaNuclear polarizability vs Reorientation effects
L. D. MavelaMANUSISOLDESASpectroscopic quadrupole moment of the first 2+ state in 32S
G PetersPhDISOLDESANbC-Fe/Ni Based Cermets: An Alternative for Next Generation Cermet Tribological Applications
M. NcubePhDISOLDEZimbabweEmission Moessbauer studies on Mn/Fe implanted Si
K NaickerMScISOLDESAEmission Moessbauer studies of C implanted ZnO.
A de BrynPhDISOLDESAResonant ionisation spectroscopy for laser isotope separation of zinc isotopes
BD HattinghMScISOLDESAResonant ionisation spectroscopy of Zn
FJ WasoMScISOLDESAResonant ionisation spectroscopy of Sn
R HambrockPhDTHSAAdS/CFT Predictions for Partonic and Fragmented Momentum, Azimuthal, and Rapidity Correlations of Heavy Flavors in Heavy Ion Collisions
I KolbéPhDTHSAEnergy loss in small systems
A IbrahimMScTHEgyptNext-to-leading order Rutherford scattering
T RabemananjaraMScTHMadagascarMaximal Helicity Violating Techniques in Quark-Gluon Plasma
H ElboghdadyMScTHEgyptQCD quasiparticle scattering
D GiovannoniPhDTHSARelativistic non-ideal hydrodynamics based on the Boltzmann equation
E GrunowMScTHSAQuantum Gluon Cascade
B HarrisonMScTHSABose-Einstein Condensation from a Gluon Transport Equation
H MohamedMScTHSAFinite Volume effects for QGP bulk properties
M ParadzaPhDTHZimbabweApplications of Non-Extensive Statistics to High-Energy Physics
R MoermanMScTHSAA Gauge-Invariant Parametrisation of Wilson Line Correlators in CGC
D AdamiakMScTHSAN-particle Correlators of Wilson Lines
L LippestruMScTHSANew Observables to Test the Color Glass Condensate
J RaynerMScTHSAObservable Precision Test of JIMWLK
A AbouelrousMScTHEgyptStudy of the production of additional bosons at the LHC
T. ManakaMScTH (33%)LesothoTBD: (based on Machine Learning)
C. MosomaneMScTH (75%) / ATLAS (25%)SATwo Higgs Doublets Models in lights of recent LHC results
G HarmsenPhDTHSAQuasinormalfrequency emission from black holes,
M KhojaliPhDTHSudanThe Renormalisation Group Equation of the Standard Model Higgs from Higher Dimensional Gauge Fields
M RajaoferasonMScTHMadagascarHiggs decay to two photons
K MurulaneMScTHSAStructure of 9 C from analyses of 300 MeV proton scattering data
S. DelsantoPh.D. ALICEItalianStrange particle production as a function of multiplicity in pp collisions at 13

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